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Deep Medical Therapeutics is a women-founded, South African MedTech company aimed at providing access to more affordable diagnostics and supporting the development of more effective therapeutics solutions for Africans.

Our Mission

To establish pathology labs across the African continent that provide access to more affordable diagnostic services and to create scalable channels to increase our pool of health data.

Our Vision

To be Africa’s largest repository for health data. Our goal is then to use the collected health data and technology to generate insights that help to deliver optimised healthcare for Africans.

Our Culture & Values


We continually foster a sense of innovation and culture of curiosity. We use our solutions to empower African governments, clinicians, scientists, and pharmaceutical companies to gain insights into and treat new and existing diseases across Africa.


We believe that true value and impact comes from the power of collaboration and working with the right partners to unlock some of our most pressing healthcare challenges in Africa.


Trust, honesty, and transparency are key to accomplish our mission. We uphold global ethical standards and protect all data. We promote accountability and constantly strive to build trust with our clients by remaining transparent to all stakeholders.

Our Impact

Our Partners

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