Discreet, Convenient, Affordable
Sexually Transmitted Disease Tests

Book a discreet STI test at our clinic or order a self-test to your home

Price includes consultation, test, result, prescription

Accurate lab results
in 2-3 working days

How To Book An STI Test

Order & pay for your STI test online.

We have a selection of Sexually Transmitted Disease tests tailored for both women and men.

Select whether you prefer to visit our clinics in Johannesburg or Cape Town or if you would prefer a self-test.

Take the STI test.

Our nurse will ask about your STD symptoms, guide you through the process and take your sample.

Receive your result.

Your STD sample will be taken to our accredited laboratory for processing. You will receive a notification via email within 2-3 working days informing you that your results are ready.

Practitioner follow-up & prescription.

A DMT Health Practitioner will video call you to communicate your STD results as well as prescribe any medication for treatment if required.

Providing Discreet, Convenient, and Affordable STI Testing Services


General STI Symptoms And Facts

66% of people don’t know that they have an STI. Know the symptoms and facts around STIs.

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